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donderdag, 31 maart 2005

Me-day (do not disturb)


This is the first day in 10 days that I have nothing to do… and I love it. No photo’s to stick in analogue albums (1200 pics, 5 albums and 6 tubes of photo glue in 7 days), no sporting, no family, friends or job interviews… Nothing.

Today I have a do not disturb sign on the door and my mobile phone turned off. I have a date with my sofa, the coffee machine and a book – Shantaram, a real page turner! Me-time, as I like to call it, or charging the battery.

As of tomorrow, the circus start again. Another 11 days of sporting, appointments with friends, family, birthdays… My agenda looks pretty full. I don’t mind, I like activity, but I am happy to have a Me-day every now and again. And you?

zondag, 27 maart 2005

A Hip Hoppy Easter


Get into the Easter mood with this Bunny Rap by Easter B. !!!

vrijdag, 25 maart 2005

Easter stress


This year, me and MyLove host the annual family-brunch on Easter Sunday. We have always managed to avoid this ‘honour’ by having no time, no money, not enough plates or chairs. This year we could not think of a proper excuse in time, so coming Sunday MyLove’s three brothers – two with partner, of whom one is pregnant – and his parents will invade the apartment. The biggest challenge is not how to prepare brunch for 9 persons – soup, salads, eggs: no problem, I’m only a bit worried how I will manage to bake 27 bread rolls in a 5 liter oven… No, the biggest challenge was to find the proper tablecloth and napkins that scream ‘Easter’ without being cheesy, yet match our personal style and clash perfectly with our purple walls.

After days of elaborate searching, I found them, at my favorite store.

I love the 70's Retro, with a very Easter-ish yellow/green floral design… Just perfect! Happy Easter!

donderdag, 24 maart 2005



MyLove and I celebrate our 85th monthly anniversary today. With presents. I got him a folder to file all the business cards he gets from friends, company reps and total strangers, he got me a four week subscription to the local news paper. We were both very happy with our pressies. Though these might not seem very romantic gifts at first sight, they show we know each other very well after all those months!

dinsdag, 22 maart 2005

To leaf (or not to leaf)


I am counting every fresh green leaf, crocuses and baby ducks…And celebrate the start of Spring season!

update @ 13:40 PM: After I typed the above sentence, I went to the garden at the back of my apartment – to resume my leaf counting activities. I noticed some sort of grinding noise in the background, thought: ‘hey, they’re building in the neighbour hood’, and I did not pay too much attention to it. When I just returned home for lunch, I realised what that annoying noise in the background had been: they have transformed the proud poplars in front of my flat into puny matchsticks! No leaf count for this side of the house :-(

Is Spring the proper season to prune poplars?

zaterdag, 19 maart 2005



When you try to tear-off yesterday’s page from your block-calendar by double-clicking your mouse, does that make you a bit of a computer nerd?

vrijdag, 18 maart 2005



Mental note: after a season of near-non-activity it might not be the wisest thing to do to excercize like a maniak to lose that winter fat… Every muscle in my bum, thigh and belly aches!

donderdag, 17 maart 2005

Left over


The other day, I was called by my best friend Elle, who asked me if I could pick up Sonne from day care centre. She was stressed out, because she had missed her train and would not be able to pick her kid up herself before 6 P.M.

On my way over, I wondered what the people at day care ‘do’ with children whose parents are late? Or, even worse, do not show up at all? Do they just wait and ring the parents? Call the police and child care if it gets really late? Do they leave for home and take the kids with them? Do they just leave the kids behind, store ‘em, or put them on the side of the street? I got visions of cupboards with left-behind-kids on the shelf, to be sold on e-bay…

I arrived at day care at 5 to 6, got Sonne, put her in her cart and talked to the girl in charge. I forgot to ask if any one ever forgets to pick up their children, but when I left, two kids were still playing on the floor, looking at me with big, sad eyes.

woensdag, 16 maart 2005

Spring cleaning


At this time of year, the Housewife is in the middle of or about to start the spring-cleaning. Needless to say, that this places great demands on her. Not only does she need to get the house spic and span within the shortest possible time span, she also has to do this without noticeably bothering her house mates. However, the Housewife should think about herself, too, and should make sure she does not tire herself out! She can prevent this by assuming the right posture during all chores. This will enhance her figure, too. If she has to wax the floors, it is suggested she does this in a firm, rhythmic movement. Sing a song, softly off course, or find a rhythmic tune on the radio. A record can be of excellent help, too. While dusting, do not kneel, but squat and keep your feet together. While cleaning the legs of a table, chair or cupboard, pretend you’re doing a gymnastics exercise, where you want to touch your toes with your fingertips

the above was originally written in March 1955, in a local newspaper…

dinsdag, 15 maart 2005



Look! Today’s temperature is above 5 degC, the sun is shining and the forecast predicts a slow yet steady rise of temperatures to 15 degC this weekend!!! Bye, bye winter, hello Spring!