woensdag, 16 maart 2005

Spring cleaning

At this time of year, the Housewife is in the middle of or about to start the spring-cleaning. Needless to say, that this places great demands on her. Not only does she need to get the house spic and span within the shortest possible time span, she also has to do this without noticeably bothering her house mates. However, the Housewife should think about herself, too, and should make sure she does not tire herself out! She can prevent this by assuming the right posture during all chores. This will enhance her figure, too. If she has to wax the floors, it is suggested she does this in a firm, rhythmic movement. Sing a song, softly off course, or find a rhythmic tune on the radio. A record can be of excellent help, too. While dusting, do not kneel, but squat and keep your feet together. While cleaning the legs of a table, chair or cupboard, pretend you’re doing a gymnastics exercise, where you want to touch your toes with your fingertips

the above was originally written in March 1955, in a local newspaper…

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