donderdag, 17 maart 2005

Left over

The other day, I was called by my best friend Elle, who asked me if I could pick up Sonne from day care centre. She was stressed out, because she had missed her train and would not be able to pick her kid up herself before 6 P.M.

On my way over, I wondered what the people at day care ‘do’ with children whose parents are late? Or, even worse, do not show up at all? Do they just wait and ring the parents? Call the police and child care if it gets really late? Do they leave for home and take the kids with them? Do they just leave the kids behind, store ‘em, or put them on the side of the street? I got visions of cupboards with left-behind-kids on the shelf, to be sold on e-bay…

I arrived at day care at 5 to 6, got Sonne, put her in her cart and talked to the girl in charge. I forgot to ask if any one ever forgets to pick up their children, but when I left, two kids were still playing on the floor, looking at me with big, sad eyes.

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