donderdag, 31 maart 2005

Me-day (do not disturb)

This is the first day in 10 days that I have nothing to do… and I love it. No photo’s to stick in analogue albums (1200 pics, 5 albums and 6 tubes of photo glue in 7 days), no sporting, no family, friends or job interviews… Nothing.

Today I have a do not disturb sign on the door and my mobile phone turned off. I have a date with my sofa, the coffee machine and a book – Shantaram, a real page turner! Me-time, as I like to call it, or charging the battery.

As of tomorrow, the circus start again. Another 11 days of sporting, appointments with friends, family, birthdays… My agenda looks pretty full. I don’t mind, I like activity, but I am happy to have a Me-day every now and again. And you?

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