vrijdag, 01 april 2005

April Fool’s!

Britain’s newspapers have played their annual April Fool’s jokes on their readers with a string of hoax stories.
The Sun reckons gypsies have set up camp on the Queen’s lawn at Windsor Castle using a 650-year-old law.
The Mirror reckons sheep with St George’s Cross markings on their coats are being used to trim the pitch at the new Wembley.
Meanwhile the Daily Mail has what it bills as a ‘Royal picture exclusive’ of Prince Charles and Prince Harry shopping for sexy undies. Prince Charles was said to have been torn between a white bodice and a racy scarlet one from the shop’s “la premiere d’Avril” range.( source)

Ananova also claims that a man’s ashes have been used in a firework display. “It’s like life – short but sparkling.” (…)

Anyway, here’s the top 100 of April fool’s day hoaxes of all time!
Have you read an original joke in the newspaper today, seen one on TV or are you a prankster yourself? Tell me in the comment-thingy!

By the way, your shoe lace is untied…. ;-D

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