vrijdag, 25 maart 2005

Easter stress

This year, me and MyLove host the annual family-brunch on Easter Sunday. We have always managed to avoid this ‘honour’ by having no time, no money, not enough plates or chairs. This year we could not think of a proper excuse in time, so coming Sunday MyLove’s three brothers – two with partner, of whom one is pregnant – and his parents will invade the apartment. The biggest challenge is not how to prepare brunch for 9 persons – soup, salads, eggs: no problem, I’m only a bit worried how I will manage to bake 27 bread rolls in a 5 liter oven… No, the biggest challenge was to find the proper tablecloth and napkins that scream ‘Easter’ without being cheesy, yet match our personal style and clash perfectly with our purple walls.

After days of elaborate searching, I found them, at my favorite store.

I love the 70's Retro, with a very Easter-ish yellow/green floral design… Just perfect! Happy Easter!

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