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vrijdag, 11 maart 2005



“When will you grow up, and behave like an adult person?!”, a woman asked.

I looked up, and around. We were the only two persons in the bus, except of the driver, so she must have talked to me. I looked at myself: tight jeans, pink boots, pink handbag, purple coat, bed (TM) hair… No, I guess I did not look like 28-going-on-29. But does the way you look – what you decide to wear – define your adulthood?
Adulthood is a state of mind, I guess. I have a man, a house, financial independence… However, I have no job, no car, no suit. I have loving friends, proud (grand)parents and a baby-sit kid. Yet, I party every weekend, when there’s a party. I have snowball fights, when there’s snow. I am figuring myself out, still wondering who I really am. I am an adult, and sometimes behave like one ;-) yet I am still growing (up).

I was about to answer the woman, when a girl emerged from behind a seat. Sixteen, torn jeans, pink eye shadow, pink nails, funky hair.”Never!”, she said determined and stuck out her tongue. The women sighed. I smiled and stuck out my tongue – well, in my mind, at least.

donderdag, 10 maart 2005

Spring fever?


I swear, I only wanted to clean the bird cages… Next thing I know, I´m cleaning the windows, swapping the winter wardrobe with the summer clothes, throwing away stuff I don´t need…
The snow is gone, so my house has to be clean!

woensdag, 09 maart 2005



What about you, today?

maandag, 07 maart 2005

Three times a party


When? Friday;
What? Two Sambuca, one black currant gin;
Where? at the bar of the-pub-around-the-corner;
Company? MyLove;
Conversation? about websites, digital cameras (D70 or Eos D20) and the singer / song writer phenomenon (man or women with guitar;
Dancing? nop, only background music;
Journey home? Straight-ish line, snowball throwing.

When? Saturday;
What? Six beer, two Sambuca, one Jagermeister;
Where? Mo-Franco’s Birthday Bash at a two-storey pub;
Company? Everyone but some;
Conversation? about websites, relationships, tattoos, Sambuca versus Jagermeister, techno, bums, boobs, beer, etcetera;
Dancing? Yep. Between and during the babbling; on Techno (2nd floor) and 80-ties pulp (1st floor);
Journey home? Twice as long as normal in a curvy line…

When? Sunday;
What? Three beer, two Sambuca, two white wine;
Where? Soulful Sunday at Oebele;
Company? a few survivors ;-)
Conversation? about my search for work, Frank’s new girl, the night before…
Dancing? nop. Sat at bar, did tap feet to beat, though;
Journey home? Straight line.

Pfff… Fortunately it’s Monday again, so I have 5 days to recover and charge for next weekend!

zondag, 06 maart 2005



Due to the time difference, I went to bed at the official start of the formula 1 race in Melbourne, so I watched the re-run this afternoon. The new rules have made the qualifying procedure a lot more exciting, but the race itself slightly boring. No tyre changes at a fueling pit stop, reliable engines because they have to last two races, slower laps due to technical regulations… I had a good time watching though, ’cause there were some surprises:
Fisichella won for Renault, Raikonnen (my hero) finished with points and Schumi (LOL!) did not finish at all (complete report). 17 cars finished, unfortunately Dutch driver Christijan Albers was the first drop-out of the season…

Next stop: Malaysia!

vrijdag, 04 maart 2005



Yahoo turns 10 this year! To celebrate this memorable moment, they have made a so-called Netrospective: 10 years on the net in 100 web links! Even if you – just like me – Google everything and use MSN messenger to chat, it’s worth the visit, to relive all those memory lane moments ;-)

vrijdag, 04 maart 2005



The answer to yesterday’s puzzle picture was guessed correctly by Kek! Congratulations!
He noticed the yellow condom shaped thing spoiling my idyllic view. I don’t know what it was – and it really was there – and what it was doing in ‘my’ garden, but it’s gone today…

donderdag, 03 maart 2005

Winter picture puzzle


Click to enlarge this pretty picture

It snowed last night… Pretty view isn’t it?

There’s something wrong with it, though. Something spoils the serenity – the winter wonderlandness – of the picture. Click here to enlarge the photo and dump your answer in my comment thingy. I will reveal the answer tomorrow!

woensdag, 02 maart 2005

Oh, oh


We changed Internet Service Provider on Monday, and it all went incredibly smooth. We entered a new login name, password and other stuff into our modem and *poof* we were still online, but much faster now.
Unfortunately, this was the perfect time – according to MyLove – to re-do our house’s internal network. Darn, now he’s finished his internship he has too much time on his hands… I haven’t been able to approach the PC for two day, but we have a wireless access point, two switches and 5 places to plug in one of our two laptops… Welcome to broadband heaven!