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vrijdag, 29 april 2005



Dear Miss,
We want to thank you for your application. We were very positively impressed after our interview. However, we are sorry to inform you that we do not have a position suitible to your profile at the moment….

I thought, I would get used to rejection after a while. Apparently, I donĀ“t.

woensdag, 27 april 2005



Everyone has a personal snooze factor (PSF): the number of times you press the snooze button on your alarm clock, before getting out of bed for real. My PSF is one. I snooze 9 minutes, then I have to get up. If I snooze any longer, my day is ruined. My eyes go on strike – they will stay semi-closed all day – and my head will feel like its filled with cotton balls. Attempts to increase my PSF have failed so far, so I always get out after one snooze cycle. MyLove, on the other hand, has an infinite PSF. I should film him once, coz it’s hilarious to see. A few seconds after the alarm goes off, his arm rises from under the a pile of bedding he’s covered with, and -WHAP!- hits the snooze button on the alarm clock. This process will repeat itself every nine minutes, until I kick him out of his bed. My Snooze-tolerance is not that high…
What’s your PSF?

woensdag, 20 april 2005

Pics of chicks


JW came by for diner last night and he brought me a present (for my birthday): a book – with pics of chicks ;D – called
Bitter with Baggage. I laughed my bum off every single page. Brilliant! Absolutely Brilliant!

dinsdag, 19 april 2005

Things sound better in Latin


Habemus Papam!

maandag, 18 april 2005

Smoke signals


“White smoke? Isn’t that a bit old-fashioned medium in this age of technology?”
“Well, technically, it is a wireless technology…”

(Today the cardinals begin conclave to elect a new pope. Unfortunately, there’s no webcam monitoring the chimney… )

zaterdag, 16 april 2005

Thaddeuz and Ben Sims – the day after


I nearly O.D.’d on paracetamol – with a hint of codeine – but I danced to MyLove’s techno! It was a blast! Ben Sims wasn’t too bad either ;-)
After the show, Ben decided he did not want to finish his bottle of Glenfiddich just by himself alone in his hotel room, so he drank it at our place… He returned to his hotel just in time to catch his taxi and subsequent flight to Bremen!
Here are some photo’s of this memorable evening

vrijdag, 15 april 2005

Oh no, not today?!


MyLove has a big DJ-gig tonight. He has to open for Ben Sims – the ‘Coldplay’ of Techno. He’s been practicing like a maniac (driving me slightly mad) for the past couple of days. Nerves have kicked in, so I got to be there to support him – off course I love to dance to his music, too.
However, I have come down with a serious case of the common cold. My nose is running, I cough sneeze all the time, my sinus cavity is full of stuff, I have a sore throat and all I want is to lie in bed and die quietly – a bit of melodrama is allowed in times like these. As I can not let MyLove down tonight, I need a quick cure – one that does not involve steam or salt water or copious amounts of drugs. Suggestions anyone?

donderdag, 14 april 2005



We have new neighbours: a very handy couple. They’re building their own place, by themselves, next to our apartment. The couple started building on Tuesday, side by side. The man of the house is rather strong: I see him lifting lumber, twice his own size. Though he’s struggling with his heavy load, looks of admiration by the missus cure his pain instantly.

After day one, the first walls were up and after another day of hard work, their place is roughly finished. The lady is now adding her personal touch to it, as he comes and goes with extra building supplies.

Quite entertaining: watching the progress of the nest-construction process of the magpie-couple in the plane-tree next to our apartment…

Mrs and Mr Magpie, 217 Plane tree, apartment #1

*abrupt twist of Solly’s sick mind*

Every spring, when I see birds nesting, a sentence I had to memorise in highschool, pops to the surface again. It’s the first written evidence of Dutch:
“Hebban olla vogala nestas hagunnan hinase hic anda thu”
I always have to giggle a bit, because it’s translation is
“All birds have started nesting, why don’t we?” Great isn’t it, first evidence of Dutch and it’s pr0n. Can you imagine the looks on the faces of the historians once they managed to translate it?! “We finally translated that 10th century sentence written in the side of a Bible!” “Brilliant, what does it say?” “… uhum… Lets make out like birds”. Hihi. Very Dutch indeed…

dinsdag, 12 april 2005

T minus 360


I had a real birthday-festival this weekend. Friday, Saturday, Sunday… Three days of visitors, cake and presents (I finally have a DVD player and my bro’s wedding pics). I had a blast! The only thing that slightly bothered me, were the numerous comments about the fact that 29 is nearly 30.

I am well aware of that particular fact – really, there’s no need to remind me.
And I do not mind growing older (wiser?) – at all.

As long as my grandparents – 90 and 91, I hope I have their aging genes – consider me “only at one third”, I don’t complain. In fact, I am really excited about turning almost thirty, I have been twenty-something long enough. Though these first 4 days of my thirtieth year on this planet have not been that exciting yet – hence the silence on this blog.
Anyway, next year – 360 days from today, I can hardly wait – I will celebrate my 30th birthday, with the slogan: “Thank God, I’m thirty! Can you all stop nagging about it now?!”

vrijdag, 08 april 2005



It’s my birthday today!
(and Buddha’s, too, born in 563 BC…)

You Are A Rowan Tree
You are full of charm and cheer. You light up a room.
And while you crave attention, you do it without ego.
You are an interesting mix of contradictions – and very unpredictable.
You are both dependent and independent, calm and restless.
You are passionate, emotional, gregarious, and (at times) unforgiving.

What is Your Celtic Horoscope? via missgien