woensdag, 27 april 2005


Everyone has a personal snooze factor (PSF): the number of times you press the snooze button on your alarm clock, before getting out of bed for real. My PSF is one. I snooze 9 minutes, then I have to get up. If I snooze any longer, my day is ruined. My eyes go on strike – they will stay semi-closed all day – and my head will feel like its filled with cotton balls. Attempts to increase my PSF have failed so far, so I always get out after one snooze cycle. MyLove, on the other hand, has an infinite PSF. I should film him once, coz it’s hilarious to see. A few seconds after the alarm goes off, his arm rises from under the a pile of bedding he’s covered with, and -WHAP!- hits the snooze button on the alarm clock. This process will repeat itself every nine minutes, until I kick him out of his bed. My Snooze-tolerance is not that high…
What’s your PSF?

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