donderdag, 14 april 2005


We have new neighbours: a very handy couple. They’re building their own place, by themselves, next to our apartment. The couple started building on Tuesday, side by side. The man of the house is rather strong: I see him lifting lumber, twice his own size. Though he’s struggling with his heavy load, looks of admiration by the missus cure his pain instantly.

After day one, the first walls were up and after another day of hard work, their place is roughly finished. The lady is now adding her personal touch to it, as he comes and goes with extra building supplies.

Quite entertaining: watching the progress of the nest-construction process of the magpie-couple in the plane-tree next to our apartment…

Mrs and Mr Magpie, 217 Plane tree, apartment #1

*abrupt twist of Solly’s sick mind*

Every spring, when I see birds nesting, a sentence I had to memorise in highschool, pops to the surface again. It’s the first written evidence of Dutch:
“Hebban olla vogala nestas hagunnan hinase hic anda thu”
I always have to giggle a bit, because it’s translation is
“All birds have started nesting, why don’t we?” Great isn’t it, first evidence of Dutch and it’s pr0n. Can you imagine the looks on the faces of the historians once they managed to translate it?! “We finally translated that 10th century sentence written in the side of a Bible!” “Brilliant, what does it say?” “… uhum… Lets make out like birds”. Hihi. Very Dutch indeed…

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