vrijdag, 15 april 2005

Oh no, not today?!

MyLove has a big DJ-gig tonight. He has to open for Ben Sims – the ‘Coldplay’ of Techno. He’s been practicing like a maniac (driving me slightly mad) for the past couple of days. Nerves have kicked in, so I got to be there to support him – off course I love to dance to his music, too.
However, I have come down with a serious case of the common cold. My nose is running, I cough sneeze all the time, my sinus cavity is full of stuff, I have a sore throat and all I want is to lie in bed and die quietly – a bit of melodrama is allowed in times like these. As I can not let MyLove down tonight, I need a quick cure – one that does not involve steam or salt water or copious amounts of drugs. Suggestions anyone?

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