dinsdag, 12 april 2005

T minus 360

I had a real birthday-festival this weekend. Friday, Saturday, Sunday… Three days of visitors, cake and presents (I finally have a DVD player and my bro’s wedding pics). I had a blast! The only thing that slightly bothered me, were the numerous comments about the fact that 29 is nearly 30.

I am well aware of that particular fact – really, there’s no need to remind me.
And I do not mind growing older (wiser?) – at all.

As long as my grandparents – 90 and 91, I hope I have their aging genes – consider me “only at one third”, I don’t complain. In fact, I am really excited about turning almost thirty, I have been twenty-something long enough. Though these first 4 days of my thirtieth year on this planet have not been that exciting yet – hence the silence on this blog.
Anyway, next year – 360 days from today, I can hardly wait – I will celebrate my 30th birthday, with the slogan: “Thank God, I’m thirty! Can you all stop nagging about it now?!”

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