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dinsdag, 28 maart 2006

Not made for walkin’


Pretty boot, aint it?  I saw these pretty boots and I just had to have’em!
 Giddy up meets flower power ;-D

maandag, 27 maart 2006

Boem! Paukeslag!


Zaterdagavond zijn ik en MijnLief naar het slotfeest van de Boekenweek geweest: Kees van Kooten trad op in de bibliotheek. Ja, Solly ging literair! Het was een leuke avond, met vermakelijke korte verhalen en geïmproviseerde grappen. Hoe zo’n Boekenweek tegenwoordig commercie en cultuur bij elkaar kan brengen, was duidelijk zichtbaar. De avond werd mede geörganiseerd door een boekhandel – die, gezien de rij vóór de signeertafel, ook een prima avond had!

Elkeweg, een volledig verslag van de avond vind je hier. Eén quote wil ik hier dan wel droppen, omdat voor mij persoonlijk zo herkenbaar is – al moet er bij ‘moeder’ wel ‘vader’ gelezen worden, en gaat het niet om mijn kinderen maar om die van mijn broer en zwager!

Mijn kleinzoon moet mij de allerleukste vinden. Hij mag om níemand meer lachen, dan om zijn opa van moeders zijde!

zondag, 26 maart 2006

Psychological advise:


There should be an extra warning next to the ‘Explicit Lyrics’ sticker on James Blunt’s album Back to Bedlam, which should say:

“Warning: this album contains extremely depressive lyrics. Listening to this album is not recommended to anyone with a death wish, or who’s not on a pink cloud. Do not listen to this album while operating a vehicle or handling any apparatus that could be harmful to yourself of others in any way. A presciption for happy pills can be found inside. “

maandag, 20 maart 2006

Vernal equinox


Message for the people at the Global Weather Control Centre:

Attention to all personnel, this is a direct order! As of this moment, it’s officially Spring. Please turn on the heater high and put the Sun on ‘maximum strength’.

I am so fed up with this cold winter weather!

zondag, 19 maart 2006



This morning, I had a cup of Darjeeling tea, black. I had not drunk tea in a while. Normally I have coffee in the morning, lemon tea or Earl Grey in the afternoon and tea with milk and honey at night.
Anyway, right before I sipped my black Darjeeling, I smelled its typical scent and
*warp* back to the breakfast table at my parents place when I was in secondary school. Back to the time I detested (!) coffee and my mum would pore a cuppa to her sleepy daughter, while dad passed me the local paper’s first page.

Funny how the smell of something can warp you right back in time.
Sure, the combination of leather, books and old sweat brings me back to my high school years and the smell of burnt wood combined with scent of sewer to Delhi, but black tea?

Which scent brings back memories to you?

maandag, 13 maart 2006

Grow it, show it


I envy men for their 5 o’clock shade, for their Dali-like whiskers, for their proud Elvis-side boards. Yep, you heard me loud and clear: I envy men for their facial hair.

Historically, facial hair was the only way for men to express themselves, because their hair was cut in two styles: short and very short. Nowadays, men have just as much freedom in their hairstyle as women, but they still have facial hair:

Mutton-chop whiskers,
Big, curly, pointy moustaches,
beards,goatees It’s just not fair!

I have always been fascinated by facial hair. My Dad has a goatee and a moustache since… Well, before his marriage with mum at least (On the engagement photos dad has a “naked” face – which looks horrific -, but that is in fact to only picture of him without facial hair, since it started to grow). When I was a little girl, I shaved my face, together with Dad. I was shocked to hear that I would never be able to groom my own moustache, beard or brow.

A friend pointed out that the majority of men only style their facial hair, if they have little or no hair on their heads. This should be a rule – or law!

Though, do I have to get bold first before I grow a pretty moustache?

woensdag, 08 maart 2006

Red Alert (5): Victory!


We hebben gewonnen!

In Breda van 6 naar 11 zetels, maar ook in de rest van Nederland is de PvdA de gROODste! Breda heeft dus gekozen vóór een sociale koers, en tegen de landelijke regering.

Ennuh… ik zit in de Gemeenteraad!

in English: We (the Social Democrats) won the local elections! And I am in the City Council… I still can’t believe it. World domination starts here ;-)

zondag, 05 maart 2006



Can’t we celebrate Christmas in the first week of March from now on? This is the third year that in the week when officially the meteorological spring begins, the world looks like a winter-wonderland postcard picture!
All in favour of my proposal?