maandag, 13 maart 2006

Grow it, show it

I envy men for their 5 o’clock shade, for their Dali-like whiskers, for their proud Elvis-side boards. Yep, you heard me loud and clear: I envy men for their facial hair.

Historically, facial hair was the only way for men to express themselves, because their hair was cut in two styles: short and very short. Nowadays, men have just as much freedom in their hairstyle as women, but they still have facial hair:

Mutton-chop whiskers,
Big, curly, pointy moustaches,
beards,goatees It’s just not fair!

I have always been fascinated by facial hair. My Dad has a goatee and a moustache since… Well, before his marriage with mum at least (On the engagement photos dad has a “naked” face – which looks horrific -, but that is in fact to only picture of him without facial hair, since it started to grow). When I was a little girl, I shaved my face, together with Dad. I was shocked to hear that I would never be able to groom my own moustache, beard or brow.

A friend pointed out that the majority of men only style their facial hair, if they have little or no hair on their heads. This should be a rule – or law!

Though, do I have to get bold first before I grow a pretty moustache?

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