zondag, 19 maart 2006


This morning, I had a cup of Darjeeling tea, black. I had not drunk tea in a while. Normally I have coffee in the morning, lemon tea or Earl Grey in the afternoon and tea with milk and honey at night.
Anyway, right before I sipped my black Darjeeling, I smelled its typical scent and
*warp* back to the breakfast table at my parents place when I was in secondary school. Back to the time I detested (!) coffee and my mum would pore a cuppa to her sleepy daughter, while dad passed me the local paper’s first page.

Funny how the smell of something can warp you right back in time.
Sure, the combination of leather, books and old sweat brings me back to my high school years and the smell of burnt wood combined with scent of sewer to Delhi, but black tea?

Which scent brings back memories to you?

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