dinsdag, 14 december 2004

Conversation pieces


It’s 10 AM and I’ve just finished baking… This early? Yep: I’ve prepared something that needs more added than just milk or yoghurt. My mom’s visiting- she wants to see the prettiest x-mas decorations EVER with her own eyes. (Then she will decide if she agrees with me or will provide a shelter for MyLove). Mum likes something with her coffee. As we are both sugar-intolerant – mom’s a diabetes patient, I have hypoglycemia- I made cinnamon-and-apple turnovers. Hmmm. They look good, they smell even better- I just have to remember to were gloves next time my hands enter the oven… Ouch!


I only had 10 things wrong in the ‘Groot Dictee der Nederlandse Taal’ (Grand Dictation of the Dutch Language; a bit like the National IQ test, but this is very difficult dictation exercise, broadcasted live on national TV, lots of Dutch celebs, making lots of mistakes… Anyway) The average was around 25 spelling mistakes, so I performed way above average! I did better than my parents in law – wee! it’s a prestige thing… I must admit I was a bit surprised, cause I never write anything the old-fashioned way any more- I actually got severe cramps in my hand halfway….

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