donderdag, 16 december 2004

Midwinter dip (part two): Help Solly!

Winter Depression symptoms can include:

* excessive sleeping, difficulty staying awake, overeating, and weight gain during the fall or winter months;

* feelings of extreme fatigue, inability to maintain regular lifestyle schedule;

depression (feelings of sadness, loss of feelings, apathy) combined with irritability;

* lack of interest in social interactions, losing interest in activities of enjoyment;

* remission of symptoms in the spring and summer months.

Those suffering from mild cases of SAD can benefit from additional exposure to the sun. This can include a long walk outside or arranging your home or office so that you are exposed to a window during the day. (source)

Hmmm… all those symptoms (except for part about overeating/weight gain and lack of interest in social activities) apply to me… Maybe decorating the x-mas tree or my ‘think you’re in Cuba’-therapy (drinking Hot Coco and Rum while listening to the Buena Vista Social Club) is just not enough. I need real sun! Going outside is not an option, ’cause there IS no sun, only lots and lots of grey clouds!

Help me to get through this winter and send money for a tropical holiday or useful tips and tricks or funny stuff or some sun…

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