maandag, 13 december 2004

Midwinter dip

So far, this December has been rather grey and cold. I haven’t seen the sun in about 5 days!!! In order to get rid of the approaching winter-depression, I have considered moving to the other (read: sunny) side of this planet. (“Hi Sista, Hi Cam!”) MyLove, several friends and family (especially my mom “I already have one daughter down-under, don’t you dare moving that far away, too!!!”) subtly convinced me to take less drastic steps. So I tried going to the solarium… turn up the heating really high (27 degC inside ;-D)… buying more (pink) coloured clothing…

However, the thing that really did the trick was…

The pretties x-mas tree EVER…decorating my house and (tiny) Christmas tree with lots of bright yellow, pink, blue, green and orange balls! Eat this, you mean winter depression! Ha!

(the flip side is, that MyLove now strongly considers to move out of our apartment until I have removed ‘the ugliest x-mas decorations EVER’. His words… Not mine.)

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