donderdag, 09 december 2004

From laptop to desktop

Though I think I don’t want to become a mother ever, I would like to keep all options open. Therefore, I have forbidden MyLove to use his laptop on his… eh, well… lap. Just in case…

MEN could damage their fertility by using laptops on their LAPS. Tests showed that after just 15 minutes of laptop use, a man’s scrotum temperature had risen 1°C, enough to harm sperm. After an hour’s use the underside of a laptop rose from 31°C to 40°C. It can reach 70°C, heating the nether regions by 2.8°C. Users wore loose clothing for the tests. Now a report in medical journal Human Reproduction suggests male users should keep laptops on DESKS. Dr Yefim Sheynkin, director of male infertility at New York State University, warned: “As well as being capable of producing direct heat, they require the user to sit with his thighs close together to balance the machine, which traps the scrotum between the thighs. Exposure may cause irreversible changes in reproductive function!” (source)

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