woensdag, 15 september 2004

One of those days

Warning for happy people: I aint today! Because ‘this is my life and I don’t give a damn‘-log, I can also post negative stuff on it. Nothing seriously negative, though. I mean, I did get bad news, no life threatening diseases, no dead relatives or friends, it’s just… *sighs*

I over slept, and I have a very busy day ahead of me… It started raining and I did not notice it at first which was crappy because I had hung my laundry outside in the – at that moment happily shining – sun… I turned my mattress and it fell right on top of me… I spilled coffee on the just cleaned floor… I bumped my knee into a pile of left-over laminated flooring boards and during my hopping around in pain I tripped over a cable… I just want to retreat to my sofa and – literally – lick my wounds, but I can’t, I have a busy day ahead of me…

…and they say that writing down your feelings and thoughts is bad bad for your health? I definitely feel better now.


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