dinsdag, 14 september 2004

Men about the house

While I stroll through the apartment, I greet Franklin (once), Benno (twice) and Billy – four times. Ivar is not around, he went to the basement. I sigh. They are all so tall, fit and handsome… While checking them out, MyLove sneaks up to me from the back. He throws his arms around me. “Ain’t they a good looking bunch?”, he whispers in my ear. “I’m so happy I did not have to choose between them, but could take all of them home with me. You are such an understanding man!”, I whisper back. He grabs my hand and we go upstairs. At the doorstep, I look over my shoulder and smile. “Good night to you all”. They don’t answer. I laugh softly about my silly behavior. Why should they answer, they are furniture


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