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maandag, 31 mei 2004

Long weekend


Q: “So, Solly, what have you been doing the past couple of days?”

A: “Well… I bought tickets for Madonna, I walked a bit- 30 km on Saturday, 40 km on Sunday and 30 km today – went to a dance festival – outdoor in the pouring rain- and I changed my logs lay-out.”

Q: “Sounds slightly busy!?”

A: “It was manageable…;-)”

A new month, a new look – though it still needs some fine-tuning here and there… Tell me what you think of the new look! Like it? Or not? Thought the old one was prettier? Check the archives to compare and spill your comments, well, uh… in the comment thingy!

vrijdag, 28 mei 2004

L stands for:


“Look: there’s a blue square with white letter ‘L’ on top of that car! Let’s forget all road rules and show that ‘loser’ how to drive! Overtake at her right side, cut in, sit on her tail, brake test… Cool!”

Have all drivers forgotten how it felt to learn to drive a car? Or does my ‘L’ just attracts all losers out there?

donderdag, 27 mei 2004

Open application


For those of you wondering why it took me so long to post something today: I was looking for job openings. Anywhere. Any kind. I have been unemployed for a long, long while now and I want a job. I am bored and broke. I am desperate.

For possible future employers: Will work for money. Anywhere, anything. I have an M.Sc. in Geology, and some experience at drilling platforms in the North Sea. But secretary, sales, call-center, whatever job will be fine. I am desperate.

woensdag, 26 mei 2004

Pass / fail


Over here, thousands of kids are finishing up their exams at the moment. Personally, I can still remember the day I received my result – the old fashioned way. A phone call from school meant that you failed, no call meant you passed your finals. No-one else was allowed to ring us at the time the school could call. Fortunately, I passed. I did double-check this by ringing the school myself…

Nowadays, people in India can receive their results by SMS. That this method is not a 100% reliable has been proven already, as an SMS with the wrong information has lead to dramatic actions…

note: Apparently Indian school kids are under a lot of pressure to perform above average at their exams. Suicide numbers rise around this period and counseling is offered to kids who cannot cope with the exam-related stress. Source: Fok!

woensdag, 26 mei 2004

You get the point


I had to get up really early – 7 AM… – this morning. Or actually my love had to get up that early and he doesn’t get out of bed, if I stay in it… You get the point.

Anyway, we had a birthday last night, which was fun, yet a bit too much fun, so we only returned home way after midnight, in a certain state… You get the point.

It’s Wednesday so I ‘have’ to clean the house, but I don’t want to. Not yet. I am still a bit dozy, fuzzy in my head. Still, after three cups of coffee… You get the point. I get back to bed.

dinsdag, 25 mei 2004

Grow it, show it


I struggle almost every day with my hair – including this morning… – It just wont do what I want it to do. I want J.Lo hair: dancing in the wind, lots of volume, a bit of wave… Forget it. My hair prefers hanging down. Think seaweed splashed onto a rock at the beach: my hair. Sort of like Avril Lavigne’s coupe. I am so happy that today’s fashion ‘dictates’ sleek, semi long hair and a bang. If this changes – for example back to the wild, big hair of the early eighties-, I am in big trouble. I used to have a hairdresser who could work magic in my hair, but unfortunately he retired a couple of months ago with RSI…

However, after reading this, I have a good excuse for the future. I might still have bad hair days, but I can blame mum and dad. Apparently, It’s all a case of faulty genes!

maandag, 24 mei 2004

Breakfast at Solly’s


Muesli with yoghurt, jummie!  Spill our food? Never!

zondag, 23 mei 2004

What a race!!!


9 reasons why we should race in Monaco more than once a year:

- 2 restarts, 3 safety car situations,

- Trulli wins, Button takes 2nd only 0,4 secs later (closest finish ever here),

- Barichello finishes ahead of Michael,

- Schumi did not win – he did not make the 6 out of 6. In fact: he did not even finish,

- only 9 cars made it the complete race distance,

- I did not doze off during the race for the first time this year,

- Sato had this years prettiest engine blow-up so far, resulting in Fisichella doing a 10 point somersault,

- RenaultĀ“s team boss Flavio Briatore is back with supermodel Naomi Campbell…

- I was on the edge of my sofa for nearly 2 hours!

zondag, 23 mei 2004

I want to ride my… Ouch!


President Bush fell off his bicycle Saturday while riding on his ranch… I consider this the ultimate proof that there’s not a trace of Dutch blood in him ;-)

zaterdag, 22 mei 2004

Twilight zone


I read somewhere (in Dutch) that there should be a distinct separation between lifelogs and linkdumps. Apparently it is an unwritten law ‘out there’ which states that you should not dump links AND chat about your life… Oh dear! This blog is definitely in breach of that law… To be honest: I just could not choose.

Story of my life… I can never choose. Early in secondary school, I was told by so-called friends, that I had to choose between house (acid techno) and rock. I did not. I went to raves AND Guns’n'Roses concerts. Later, I hung out with preppies and altos, wearing my Pearl Jam T-shirt above khaki pants… At Uni, I was one of the founders of a politically incorrect club within my left-minded student society.

I never really belonged to one subculture or clique. I considered myself to be a living ‘contradictio in terminus’. I always saw my inability to make a definitive choice as a minus punt, until recently. On a reunion at my secondary school, an old classmate walked up to me and told me how she always had looked up to me: admiring my independent style and lack of conventions. She thought I was cool, and was glad to see that I still had not lost that ‘original’ attitude. Me? Cool? I asked around and found out that ‘in my days’ I had been referred to as ‘that popular hippy’… Even by teachers!

The moral of this mushy story? I just keep on posting stuff about my life AND stuff I notice on the net. To quote a well-known punk motto: ‘F*** the system, break the rules!’