zaterdag, 22 mei 2004

Twilight zone

I read somewhere (in Dutch) that there should be a distinct separation between lifelogs and linkdumps. Apparently it is an unwritten law ‘out there’ which states that you should not dump links AND chat about your life… Oh dear! This blog is definitely in breach of that law… To be honest: I just could not choose.

Story of my life… I can never choose. Early in secondary school, I was told by so-called friends, that I had to choose between house (acid techno) and rock. I did not. I went to raves AND Guns’n'Roses concerts. Later, I hung out with preppies and altos, wearing my Pearl Jam T-shirt above khaki pants… At Uni, I was one of the founders of a politically incorrect club within my left-minded student society.

I never really belonged to one subculture or clique. I considered myself to be a living ‘contradictio in terminus’. I always saw my inability to make a definitive choice as a minus punt, until recently. On a reunion at my secondary school, an old classmate walked up to me and told me how she always had looked up to me: admiring my independent style and lack of conventions. She thought I was cool, and was glad to see that I still had not lost that ‘original’ attitude. Me? Cool? I asked around and found out that ‘in my days’ I had been referred to as ‘that popular hippy’… Even by teachers!

The moral of this mushy story? I just keep on posting stuff about my life AND stuff I notice on the net. To quote a well-known punk motto: ‘F*** the system, break the rules!’

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