dinsdag, 25 mei 2004

Grow it, show it

I struggle almost every day with my hair – including this morning… – It just wont do what I want it to do. I want J.Lo hair: dancing in the wind, lots of volume, a bit of wave… Forget it. My hair prefers hanging down. Think seaweed splashed onto a rock at the beach: my hair. Sort of like Avril Lavigne’s coupe. I am so happy that today’s fashion ‘dictates’ sleek, semi long hair and a bang. If this changes – for example back to the wild, big hair of the early eighties-, I am in big trouble. I used to have a hairdresser who could work magic in my hair, but unfortunately he retired a couple of months ago with RSI…

However, after reading this, I have a good excuse for the future. I might still have bad hair days, but I can blame mum and dad. Apparently, It’s all a case of faulty genes!

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