zaterdag, 10 februari 2007

Waiting for…

Already weeks ago I was told to keep this date free of appointments. No politics, sporting or diner dates. When you are told to keep a day free, two weeks before the actual wedding date, every bride-to-be knows what that means: your hen day!
So, this morning I got up at the usual time, got dressed – normally I never get dressed before noon on a Saturday – had breakfast and a coffee and started waiting for whatever was to come. MyLove left at 9 for a final suit fitting session and I continued waiting. I drank more coffee, read the paper front to back, got bored, watched TMF…. I thought about the period I was unemployed and had just as much time as today, and wondered how I actually got through the days, without dying of boredom?! I changed channels a bit – some of the music on TMF, MTV, the Box is really, really sad and then… the phone! My sister-in-law, time for action, I guessed. She asked me about my morning, what I’d done, what my plans were for today. And all the time through this chit-chat, I was waiting for the door bell to ring. Then she said: “Listen Sol, we planned your hen day for today, but we have to cancel the activity, because half of the group is sick at home with the flu. We’ll do it after the wedding, but we will go out for diner tonight.’ I kept my cool, pretended that I had not expected anything anyway. I hung up after a fake-cheerful “See you tonight, then!” and then shed a tear. What was supposed to be my hen day has turned into an off-day. I know, I probably sound very selfish and full of self pity, but I was really looking forward to having some uncomplicated fun today. Laugh with the girls, nothing serious, no stress… I know, the girls are seriously ill, I know, we’re gonna do the hen activity after the wedding, but then it’s not a hen day anymore. It won’t be the same. I’ve been waiting for today for a while and now I’m not even sure if I want to have that diner anymore…

update @ 13:15 PM I’ve snapped out of ‘self pity’-mode and I am going to my hen diner and have a fun eve with the ladies!


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