zaterdag, 26 augustus 2006

It’s a small world solar system…

The universe is a very confusing thing already. It’s size is infinite, yet it expands… Don’t think about it too long, it is a real mind f*cker. Yet since a few days, it confuses me even more.

10 Days ago I learnt that a group of scientists decided new definitions for the planets:

A planet, they decreed, is any star-orbiting object so large that its own gravity pulls in its rough edges, producing a near-perfect sphere.

So we got three new ones: Ceres, Charon and Xena.
In count: 9 original ones, plus 3, equals 12 planets in our Solar system. Darn, my MVEMSJUNP had to be adjusted to MVEMCSJUNPCX. Not the easiest way to remember… Then I thought, OK, things change all the time due to new definitions. We once thought our planet was flat and that Earth was the center of the universe.
To my shock, I heard earlier this week that Pluto is not a real planet anymore , according to the same club of scientists. Back to the math: 9 plus 3 minus 1 equals 11. Wrong, apparently, cause on all news sites I read that we now have 8 planets in our Solar system. Where did the other, new, three go?!

Sigh, The universe is confusing already, without scientists messing around with it!

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