vrijdag, 17 februari 2006


Just when I was about to make myself a glass of fresh OJ, a maggot-like creature jumped (!!!) out of one of the oranges… EEEWWW! I’ve lived in shabby student houses with 10 not-the-cleaning-type housemates, so I’ve seen my share of rotten food, but this was by far the grossest thing I ever witnessed.
Anyway, after putting on some rubber gloves, CSI-Solly investigated the crime scene. There was no fungus on the outside of the orange, just a tiny dark spot the size of a euro-cent. Yet when I picked it up to throw it in the bin, I could feel that it was rotten and mushy on the inside. I got shivers just thinking how many more would live in that orange or in other oranges, so I threw away the complete bowl. Outside in the garbage container. I don’t think I will eat oranges for a while…

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