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vrijdag, 29 juli 2005

Hell froze over


My dad has a mobile phone!

It would have been even more shocking if he’d bought it himself, but I gave it to him. He said, he did not need it, but mom and us – his kids – have convinced him that it might come in handy some time. For emergencies and groceries. The man is nearly sixty, yet every morning – before work – he’s on his bicycle delivering the newspaper, every evening he brings around mail. Sometimes he rides 40 km through the forest alone. Dad does not need a mobile, it’s for our peace of mind he has one with him. Just in case.

Anyway, as my dad is not the biggest lover of new technologies, I wrote him a manual, and it’s the same brand of phone as my mom’s, so he’ll be fine. I hope.

donderdag, 28 juli 2005

Warning: Girl Talk


“The following piece is not suitable for potential employers, ex-classmates, vague acquaintances and delicate people. If you even think you belong in one of the above categories or are below the age of 18, leave this site. If you stay, it’s your own responsibility. Don’t say I did not warn.”

Since I have that Implanon thingy in my arm, my period is like a small town you pass with high speed: vague signs, not much to see and gone before you know it. Great for me, but MyLove really has to get used to this new chapter in the “How to handle Solly? Various examples, tips and tricks”-manual. After 7 years of one-week-a-month hormonal instability of yours sincerely, he now only gets 1.5 day (!!!) of slightly irrational behaviour. He sometimes isn’t sure if it’s hormonal, or if I’m just having a bad day. Even I am sometimes a bit confused – and that shocks him the most! “What do you mean, you THINK you had your period yesterday?!”

dinsdag, 26 juli 2005

No posts today


… I’m reading

update 28 July @ 11.15 PM Done! I won’t spoil anything, but the story is very good, very exciting, yet does not have a happy ending…

maandag, 25 juli 2005

Update Outback Jack and Natalie


I was hooked on the show myself, and I was curious, too, how Nat and Jack were doing after the show ended. By popular demand, I have a very happy update:

Congratulations to Jack and Natalie on their recent engagement! According to Natalie, the couple hopes to wed this October in her home state of Kentucky, where she and Jack currently live. (source)

zondag, 24 juli 2005

Darn car!


Halfway into the race, while driving in first place, Raikonnen’s car fails – AGAIN! He really is the fastest driver this season, but his car is definitely jinxed. Next race, he has a loses 10 places as a penalty for changing his engine, too…

We’re off to the movies now – Sin City!!!

zondag, 24 juli 2005

Honey, I’m home!


The good news is: I completed my 15th Nijmegen Marches – with only one blister!
The bad news is: the crappy Dutch weather – grey, sometimes rain, windy, chilly -, the early wake up calls – 3 AM !!! – and the events before the marches, have taken its toll on my physique… I have the common cold. *sighs* Ah well, better now, than last week. Friday eve and yesterday I felt sheit, but I feel a wee bit better today.

And now for something completely different: two Dutch drivers in today’s Formula One race, Raikonnen on pole… Guess what Solly’s plans for this grey Sunday afternoon are. One hint: it includes a sofa and a TV…

maandag, 18 juli 2005

Walk talk


I am off to Nijmegen, to participate in the International 4 Day Marches for the 15th time. There’s no internet facility where I stay, so I’ll see you all this friday, when I’ve – hopefully – completed my 4 times 50 km.

zondag, 17 juli 2005

I Dance


After only 6 hours of sleep – which wasn’t much after the only 2 I slept Thursday – it was time to prepare for the 10th edition of Extrema Outdoor.
It was warm, very crowded, but the atmosphere and the music were great! Mistress Barbara, Ritchie Hawtin, Remy, Derek Howell, John Aquaviva, Christian Varela, Josh Wink, Funk d’Void, John Digweed, Antony Rother, Marco Bailey… Been there, heard’em and danced to their music, too!

Images say more than words, so click here to get an impression of the festival!

zondag, 17 juli 2005

U2 rocks!


A political gathering, a mass, but above all a rock concert – the best one ever! I was standing against (the fence in front of) the stage – 50.000 fans behind me – and I sang, waved, clapped, screamed and shed a tear – at ‘Sometimes you can’t make it on your own’… I can’t wait for their next album – and tour!!
Solly - fence - podium - Bono

About the opening acts – this has to be in small print, U2 is the biggest band:
The Music played a mix between Live and Kula Shaker, but it was embarrassing to see the singer being high as a kite. Snow Patrol played plain rock, with good, fun lyrics. They did a pretty good job, ’cause I actually consider buying their album!

donderdag, 14 juli 2005

Time table


In 24 hours, five months after I bought the tickets, I will finally see U2 perform live in Amsterdam!!! *)

Yesterdays concert apparently was one of their best – and the best concert of the year(review in Dutch), so I’m very anxious for tomorrow!
MyLove will drive me to the venue tonight, so I’ll have more chance to stand close to the band. I can’t take my camera with me, but I’ll try to take pics with the mobile…

*)By the way, don’t expect updates on Saturday, ’cause I’ll be at Extrema Outdoor festival… Great timing, ain’t it? Busy? Not at all… By the way, have I told you already, I’ll be participating in the Nijmegen International Four Day’s Marches next week?

Did I hear someone say: ‘hyperactive’ or ‘crazy’?!