donderdag, 14 juli 2005

Time table

In 24 hours, five months after I bought the tickets, I will finally see U2 perform live in Amsterdam!!! *)

Yesterdays concert apparently was one of their best – and the best concert of the year(review in Dutch), so I’m very anxious for tomorrow!
MyLove will drive me to the venue tonight, so I’ll have more chance to stand close to the band. I can’t take my camera with me, but I’ll try to take pics with the mobile…

*)By the way, don’t expect updates on Saturday, ’cause I’ll be at Extrema Outdoor festival… Great timing, ain’t it? Busy? Not at all… By the way, have I told you already, I’ll be participating in the Nijmegen International Four Day’s Marches next week?

Did I hear someone say: ‘hyperactive’ or ‘crazy’?!

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