donderdag, 28 juli 2005

Warning: Girl Talk

“The following piece is not suitable for potential employers, ex-classmates, vague acquaintances and delicate people. If you even think you belong in one of the above categories or are below the age of 18, leave this site. If you stay, it’s your own responsibility. Don’t say I did not warn.”

Since I have that Implanon thingy in my arm, my period is like a small town you pass with high speed: vague signs, not much to see and gone before you know it. Great for me, but MyLove really has to get used to this new chapter in the “How to handle Solly? Various examples, tips and tricks”-manual. After 7 years of one-week-a-month hormonal instability of yours sincerely, he now only gets 1.5 day (!!!) of slightly irrational behaviour. He sometimes isn’t sure if it’s hormonal, or if I’m just having a bad day. Even I am sometimes a bit confused – and that shocks him the most! “What do you mean, you THINK you had your period yesterday?!”

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