dinsdag, 21 juni 2005

Club vs. Techno

I have finally discovered the main difference between club/house and techno.
(“Why did it take you this long?”, I can hear y’all think. “It’s not that hard, musically.)

Duh, I have known the musical difference since 1992 for a while now. Techno has a dominant bass, hiats and industrial sounds, whereas club is more poppy, four to the floor and has breaks and (the shock! the horror!) singalong lyrics.
It’s not the music, that makes the difference. It’s the audience.
The techno crowd is (well) dressed for the occasion, yet not strictly according the latest fashion. As long as it looks nice and it’s comfortable to dance in, it’ll do just fine.
Club/house lovers are very different. I have never seen a more fashionable crowd than last Saturday at the PUMA 4Some free open air MTV after party. Most of the people where ‘looking great’ and ‘being cool’ in their hip outfits. See or to be seen – fashion victims! Only a few danced – a bit, god forbid they would sweat. In fact the only people dancing, cheering and sweating where the ladies who had just ran their 5 km and people I know from techno parties…

I now know the difference between club/house and techno: and it has nothing to do with music!

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