maandag, 20 juni 2005

Things we do on tropical days

Tropical temperatures over here, but I won’t complain about it – Cloggies normally complain about all weather types: too cold, too hot, too wet, too dry… – though my arms do stick to my desk…
Anyway, I have walked a bit yesterday (30 km in 30 degC, don’t try that at home) and I think I have coloured slightly- I won’t call it a tan, ’cause some of you will laugh… My dad and MyLove have confirmed the slight change of colour, lil BiL wasn’t convinced, my father in law just smiled. Of course we BBQ’d – tropical + Father’s Day = BBQ – and had some rosé.
Today I will set up camp at the park (she sneers to all you working people)!
Yep, life is good in the Lowlands!

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