woensdag, 23 februari 2005

Only a translation thing…

MyLove finished his internship two weeks ago and is due to hand in his report tomorrow. He typed his a*s off and showed 3 preliminary versions to his supervisors – at his internship company and at college – for reviewing. Not big problems, only small remarks. MyLove handed in another – nearly final – version to his supervisors last Friday. “You study International Fashion Management,” both his supervisors said in their comments – as if they had consulted each other! – “So your internship should be in English.”

Couldn’t they have told him this, say, at version number ONE?!

“It’s only a translation thing, there’s tools for that on the internet,” one of them dared to say. It is NOT just a ‘translation thing’, you can’t just use a simple ‘translation tool’. It’s not that difficult to write a report in English, yet it IS difficult to translate a Dutch report into English, because you have to change the structure of every sentence. Incredibly frustrating, too.
He spend the past days – including his birthday, no one was allowed to visit – re-writing the whole darn thing.
Progress is slow and he was afraid he would not make it in time, so I offered to help him in the translation-reconstruction process.
One positive thing: I know everything about ERP now…

update 24/02/05 @ 13 PM: We typed all day and all night and we we’re finished right on time. He handed it in this morning, and he just received his grade: 8 out of 10. Pffff. Sleep now…

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