dinsdag, 22 februari 2005

Birthday dilemma

It’s MyLove’s Birthday today and I don’t have a real present. (everybody gasps out of shock). I really tried to, but his ‘Birthday Present Wish List 2005′ included a car, a beamer, the newer version of Final Scratch, a sound card (and several other computer related bits and pieces) and new clothes. See the difficulties? All of it is too expensive, except for the last item – but buying clothes for MyLove is a very tricky thing. Too tricky.

So this year I give money. Plain, ironed, crisp Euro notes. Romantic isn’t it? I don’t consider a birthday a real birthday if you don’t have anything to unwrap. Therefore, I have wrapped a packet of cigarettes – yep, he still smokes – and the latest issue of his favorite computer magazine. Well, at least it looks better on the photo’s…

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