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woensdag, 12 januari 2005

Future fairy tales


Once upon a time a Girl graduated from University. She was the happiest Girl ever: she was now officially a Geologist. She walked directly from the classroom to a headhunter’s office and asked him for a job. He looked into his bag filled with work and picked the one most suitable for the Girl. “Here you go sweetie, if it doesn’t fit, come back and pick a new job.” And off she went to Houston, to learn how to log mud. The Girl worked happily on several drilling platforms in the North Sea. She hopped on and off helidecks and you could hear her laugh from Aberdeen to Den Helder.

Two years later dark clouds entered the land of sun and oil. A wicked witch ordered the closure of the Girl’s company. She was jobless. The Girl went to the headhunter, and noticed the queue in front of his office. When she finally entered the room, he looked at her with a sad face. The bag of work was empty. The Girl returned home, without a job.

A year past by, and another. Dark clouds still drifted over the country. The Girl was still unemployed. She worked, off course, she had to eat, but not as a Geologist. She had not laughed in a long time.

One day she looked up to the sky and saw a blue patch between the dark clouds. She smiled a tiny smile. Suddenly a beautiful fairy stood in her living room with a piece of paper in her hand. “Sign here”, the fairy said. “What is it?” the Girl replied. “It’s a contract. If you sign it, you will learn a lot about yourself, your compentencies and your future. I can’t promise you a job as a Geologist, but I will try my best to find you a job that will make you laugh again!”

The Girl signed the contract and smiled a tiny smile. Would she live happily ever after, after all?

dinsdag, 11 januari 2005



Picture your self a huge pile of paper with only one arm sticking out, typing franticly. It’s me, trying to bring some order in my administration, that has been piling up on my desk for way too long….

zaterdag, 08 januari 2005



Shall I send Brad Pitt an e-mail to ask him out, now he and Jennifer Aniston have split, or is it too soon? (MyLove is very understanding: if I want to date Brad, he wants to date Jennifer or Angelina or both ;-D)

vrijdag, 07 januari 2005

If she can do it…


Bulgaria’s cleverest woman says she has been inundated with job offers following reports she couldn’t find work.

Daniela Simidchieva, 44, has three degrees and her 192 IQ matches that of two-time Nobel Prize winner Marie Curie. She says she was thrilled to receive so many offers for lucrative employment after years of scraping a living for her and her family in jobs that paid no more than £70 a month.

She has landed a new job after an executive at the Centre for Analysis and Marketing in the capital Sophia learned of her plight after seeing her on Bulgarian TV. “It was the first time in my life that I was offered a well paid and fulfilling job with decent conditions. Employers were always impressed by my CV but turned me down because of my age,” she said. (more)

vrijdag, 07 januari 2005

How a small country can be big


Up till this moment, at the end of a day of special dedicated radio and TV-shows, the people of the Netherlands have donated more than 112 million euro (147 million USD) to help the people in Asia!!! We have 16 million inhabitants, so that’s at least 10 euro per adult person. More money is expected, because today (Friday) a special single will be released and this weekend will be filled with benefits and concerts for Asia. I’m so happy that my doom scenario has proven to be wrong! Everyone – regardless of race or religion – tries to raise as much money as they can. Though it’s a bit sad that it took one of the worlds biggest tragedies to accomplish this, I really hope this feeling of solidarity stays for a long time…

donderdag, 06 januari 2005

Solly’s tips and tricks (1)


For all you men out there: a very useful guide – in 13 easy steps – on how to argue with females. (via)

woensdag, 05 januari 2005

Malicious delight


Normally I don’t particularly like and/or watch those ‘here’s a group of pretty men slash women, pick your soul mate after a number of weeks’ reality shows like the Bachelor, but after watching the first episode of Outback Jack I’m hooked!

Outback Jack creates the ultimate test of love as twelve high-maintenance women vie for the affections of a rugged Australian adventurer. However, the women don’t realize until it’s too late that to meet Jack, they’ll have to parachute into the middle of the untamed Australian Outback! After making it to the ground, they’re shocked to discover the potential man of their dreams is not living a life of luxury, but roughing it in one of the world’s most unforgiving terrains. Over the course of eight episodes, these pampered women will be put to the test, to see which one of them has the stamina to survive in the Outback and win the affection of their handsome hero.

It’s great fun watching 12 Paris Hilton-a-like types trying to cope with outdoor live – creepy insects, no blowdryer, no manicure, sunstroke – and look sexy at the same time!

woensdag, 05 januari 2005



Gossip magazines of a more recent date in waiting rooms! I just read that Britney divorced after 48 hours of marriage, Beckham cheated on Victoria, and Julia Robberts is pregnant of twins. Next time, I bring my own!

dinsdag, 04 januari 2005

Serious girl talk


Warning: the following piece is not suitable for potential employers, ex-classmates, vague acquaintances and delicate people.

I have a gynecologist-appointment today.

;-) This sentence should have scared away any remaining Nosey Parkers ;-)

I do really have a gynecologist appointment today. But it’s gonna be the least awkward one I ever had. No undressing, no feet in the braces, no one fiddling down under… Nothing of that at all. Though he (or she, I have not checked, nor do I have preferences this time) will be placing a new contraceptive device.

In my arm.

I assume some partial nudity will be necessary for this procedure, yet no more than I show on a regular basis in da club.

After 12 (!) years of daily Pill (read: 50 mcg of estrogen and 125 mcg of progestagen) intake, I had enough. The hassle, the responsibility, the hormones. Bleh! Also, I’d recently had ‘the talk‘ with MyLove. We both don’t want kids- not within the next 5 years and presumably never. We both think it’s too early for serious (snipping) action, so I looked for a long acting method of contraception.

Keywords: less hormones and no hassle for at least a couple of years. After careful consideration, I ended up with two contraceptives: Implanon and Mirena. I googled, read women’s experiences, talked to friends… But I could not pick. To resolve my dilemma, I consulted my MD. He told me that both are 99.99% effective, both are progestogen-only (Implanon releases 40 mcg/day, Mirena 20 mcg/day)… and then he said something rather un-MD-like: “They are both suitable for you, so just follow your intuition. Choose the method that sounds the best or most comfortable to you.”

And so I did. I knew, I felt resentment against a ‘thing inside my womb’, yet a ‘thing in my arm’ did not sound bad at all. I have (had) my ears, tongue, eyebrow and belly pierced, I have two tattoos – one rather big – so the insertion of (yet another) object into my skin is fine by me. It will be in me, but not inside my body, if you know what I mean. How something small can make a huge psychological difference. I picked Implanon.

I have a gynecologist-appointment today.

update @ 16.00 PM All went well. I have a nice gynecologist. I got local aneasthetic, so I did not feel anything (HUGE hollow needle!!). Now, my upper arm is a bit sore, small black spot and I can feel the Implanon thingy with my fingers – you can’t see it, though.

maandag, 03 januari 2005



MyLove (to a friend, who was complaining about his girlfriend who just bought another handbag): “Personally, I have no clue why they need so many handbags, but according to ‘Sex and the City’, it’s a woman’s right to have a wardrobe full of handbags – and shoes, off course”

*sighs* I’m so proud of him!