woensdag, 12 januari 2005

Future fairy tales

Once upon a time a Girl graduated from University. She was the happiest Girl ever: she was now officially a Geologist. She walked directly from the classroom to a headhunter’s office and asked him for a job. He looked into his bag filled with work and picked the one most suitable for the Girl. “Here you go sweetie, if it doesn’t fit, come back and pick a new job.” And off she went to Houston, to learn how to log mud. The Girl worked happily on several drilling platforms in the North Sea. She hopped on and off helidecks and you could hear her laugh from Aberdeen to Den Helder.

Two years later dark clouds entered the land of sun and oil. A wicked witch ordered the closure of the Girl’s company. She was jobless. The Girl went to the headhunter, and noticed the queue in front of his office. When she finally entered the room, he looked at her with a sad face. The bag of work was empty. The Girl returned home, without a job.

A year past by, and another. Dark clouds still drifted over the country. The Girl was still unemployed. She worked, off course, she had to eat, but not as a Geologist. She had not laughed in a long time.

One day she looked up to the sky and saw a blue patch between the dark clouds. She smiled a tiny smile. Suddenly a beautiful fairy stood in her living room with a piece of paper in her hand. “Sign here”, the fairy said. “What is it?” the Girl replied. “It’s a contract. If you sign it, you will learn a lot about yourself, your compentencies and your future. I can’t promise you a job as a Geologist, but I will try my best to find you a job that will make you laugh again!”

The Girl signed the contract and smiled a tiny smile. Would she live happily ever after, after all?

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