donderdag, 20 januari 2005

‘Content might be hot’

I am a pitiful person! You all should feel very sorry for me! I am injured! I am in excruciating pain! (I am an Aries, so I always over react a bit in case of diseases and wounds…)

I have a huge (2×2 cm) blister on the inside of my right lower arm; the result of an unfortunate cooking incident involving boiling food and hot steam. Don’t ask. I am motor handicapped, so this happens all the time. After I dropped the pan – shock reaction – on my foot – F$&#! – I cooled the burned spot with running water, and left it alone; just like I was thought at first-aid class. It was red and a bit painful, but it looked ok. This morning, I woke up with a blister the size of a 2 euro coin! After one look at it, MyLove immediately went to the bathroom and returned with a smile on his face and a needle in his hand. ‘Pierce it!’ ‘No’, I replied, ‘not by you, anyway. Sadist!’ Slightly disappointed MyLove went to his traineeship address, and I went to the doctor. The MD looked at it, complimented me with my fast response and the fast response of my skin – as if I have anything to do with that – and put a gauze dressing on the blister. ‘That’s all?’ I thought. ‘That’s all’, the MD said – which made me wonder if I spoke out loud, or if he is psychic… but that’s another story. Anyway, the longer the blister stays whole, the better for the new skin below it. If it pops, it pops, nothing to worry about, just keep it clean. Sounds simple enough, yet the only thing I worry about now is how I can protect the blister against MyLove’s sadist tendencies…

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