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vrijdag, 31 december 2004

Happy 2005…


…. to the people in Kirimati!!!

(and, off course, also to the rest of you, around the world, in the next couple of hours)

vrijdag, 31 december 2004

Orbis Terrae Tremulus


Boxing day’s quake – and subsequent tsunami – in Southeast Asia has definitely shocked the complete world – metaphorically and quite literally:

The death toll of the tsunami has risen to 134,000 (one hundred and thirty-four thousand !!!- that’s almost the number of people inhabiting my hometown!). Strangely enough, nearly no wild animals were killed…

The deadly Asian earthquake may have permanently accelerated the Earth’s rotation — shortening days by a fraction of a second — and caused the planet to wobble on its axis, a U.S. geophysicist theorised.

donderdag, 30 december 2004

Good night


The most surreal part of partying (Sven Väth! 6 hour set!) on week-nights is the journey home: traveling by train at 7 AM, surrounded by commuters… While you’re thinking about the hot shower, the warm bed and the sleep you’ll get when you get home, your fellow travelers just left all that and have a whole day of work ahead of them… Some people have all the luck!

dinsdag, 28 december 2004

This Season’s First Snow (Angel)


Let it snow!

maandag, 27 december 2004



I don’t swear a lot, and certainly not because of stuff on TV, but I might have said more than a few fecks in the past 24 hours… JF!

I thought I had a deja-vu when I heard the news, yesterday at breakfast. Last year on December 26th a quake destroyed the ancient city of Bam, in Iran, and 43,000 people were killed. This year – on the same date! – Southeast Asia was struck by the world’s most powerful earthquake in more than 40 years – 8.9 on Richter’s Scale! It erupted underwater off of the Indonesian island of Sumatra and sent walls of water barreling thousands of miles, killing over 22.000 people – and sadly enough still counting – across the region… By the way, Laila, you ok?

I made a mental note not to be near any tectonic zones and/or fault lines on Boxing Day in 2005…

zondag, 26 december 2004




The carols have all been sung…

The food has all been eaten…

The hugs have all been given…

It was all so great…

Same time next year?

(from Today’s Garfield cartoon)

zaterdag, 25 december 2004

Merry X-mas


Pffff, I am stuffed like a turkey! I can hardly move… Thanks Mum (and Dad)! That was a very good first day! Fun and giggles all day long – thanks to the champagne at breakfast ;-)

So, how’s your Christmas so far?

donderdag, 23 december 2004

List-mania (part 1)


“It’s the end of the year as we know it and I feel fine!”

Time for lists! (I know, it’s a bit early, but I have more lists… )

Solly does / will…

* get that fecking job !!!

* buy more pink clothes, shoes and boots

* stick to beer and wine

* go back to India

* keep on blogging

Solly does not / won’t

* want to talk to any friends who spend the coldest months of the year on tropical islands ;-)

* sing any of the Darkness songs in the shower

* drink more than two units of alcoholic drinks with more sugar than alcohol in it (Sambuca, Cointreau)

* talk about weather/season related depressions on her blog

* nag about her 29th birthday

in 2005

woensdag, 22 december 2004



Almost x-mas… A time for peace, light and cheesy tunes. Time to spend with your loved ones – family, friends, pets… Everyone talks about charity, humanity, compassion…

Everyone? No, not everyone. There’s a small tribe of ignorant people, who happen to do their x-mas shopping at my local supermarket. Double parked cars at the street, shopping carts filled to the max, couples rushing through the store, people fighting over the last bottle of cheap wine, arguing who was first at the counter, ignoring the queue… All they seem to care about is consumption, consumption, consumption. For them, that’s the true spirit of Christmas!

Luckily, this is only a minority. Let’s hope the ghosts of Christmas pay a visit to them Ebenezers!

maandag, 20 december 2004



The negotiations went fairly easy this year. No diplomatic crises, no cold war. All parties were happy with the outcome of the conference; no hushing peace talks afterward. Our special ‘iron out all difficulties’-diplomat had nothing to do all day. Even the compromises, compensation measures and bribery money weren’t necessary at all!

Who said I was discussing Turkey’s EU membership? No, I am talking about a much more sensitive subject: the annual distribution of Christmas dinner locations. Where to eat turkey, so to say. But, as I said before, things went very smoothly this year. Christmas day is for my parents, and we spend Boxing Day at MyLove’s parents. X-mas eve we spend at home- under our x-mas tree ;-)

I wish, that all the world’s problems could be solved this easy…