donderdag, 23 december 2004

List-mania (part 1)

“It’s the end of the year as we know it and I feel fine!”

Time for lists! (I know, it’s a bit early, but I have more lists… )

Solly does / will…

* get that fecking job !!!

* buy more pink clothes, shoes and boots

* stick to beer and wine

* go back to India

* keep on blogging

Solly does not / won’t

* want to talk to any friends who spend the coldest months of the year on tropical islands ;-)

* sing any of the Darkness songs in the shower

* drink more than two units of alcoholic drinks with more sugar than alcohol in it (Sambuca, Cointreau)

* talk about weather/season related depressions on her blog

* nag about her 29th birthday

in 2005

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