maandag, 27 december 2004


I don’t swear a lot, and certainly not because of stuff on TV, but I might have said more than a few fecks in the past 24 hours… JF!

I thought I had a deja-vu when I heard the news, yesterday at breakfast. Last year on December 26th a quake destroyed the ancient city of Bam, in Iran, and 43,000 people were killed. This year – on the same date! – Southeast Asia was struck by the world’s most powerful earthquake in more than 40 years – 8.9 on Richter’s Scale! It erupted underwater off of the Indonesian island of Sumatra and sent walls of water barreling thousands of miles, killing over 22.000 people – and sadly enough still counting – across the region… By the way, Laila, you ok?

I made a mental note not to be near any tectonic zones and/or fault lines on Boxing Day in 2005…

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