dinsdag, 16 november 2004

Do you ever wonder

… how they place the “don’t walk on the grass” – signs on the lawn?

… why kamikaze pilots wore a helmet?

… why Noah did not kill the two mosquito’s on his arch?

… if the people at the Pickwick factory have coffee breaks?

… if a rabbits tail is a lucky charm, what happened to the rabbit?

… how a thermos flask knows whether the drink inside should remain cold or hot?

… why sheep don’t crimp when they dry after some rain and my woolen sweater does?

… why you have to make an appointment with a fortune teller?

… if there’s another word for synonym?

… if married people really live longer or just think they do?

… why they put an expiration date on a cup of sour cream?

and just out of curiosity: do you ever wonder why I wonder about these things?

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