maandag, 15 november 2004


I have not driven a car since I got my drivers license almost a week ago… I don’t own a car, so I have to depend on the charity of others. Yet, people don’t want me to drive their cars – at least not during the day. I’ve been asked by several people to drive them home after a party next week, but I refused. Not that I don’t want to be the designated driver now that I can legally do so, but… I just want them to trust me with their car. When I ask why they don’t want me to drive, they say that it’s because I only got the license a week ago. I’ll have to practice more… Hello! I can’t practice if they don’t cooperate!

*sighs depressed*

Does anyone of you have a spare car? The lessons are still fresh in my memory, I know and follow all the rules, I won’t speed and I will drive safely…

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