vrijdag, 22 oktober 2004

Back to work

Earlier this week I told you about my search for the perfect re-integration office. I think I’ve found it. All (4) agencies I talked to were good and their ‘plans de campaign’ did not differ a lot from each other. They varied a bit in their coaching – in the form of networking classes and jobhunting – to counseling – in the form of psychological, competency and personality testing – ratio, and in their methods. However, objective selection criteria – like: do you give individual support or do you work with groups – made me drop only one agency. So I had to use more subjective criteria. Out of the other three, I did not have a ‘click’ with the consultant of one, yet the other two made me cry during the interview. Not because they were mean, but the talk was very confronting and direct and they managed to break through my ‘wall’ (a self-defense against unemployment induced pain and rejection). Anyway, the choice between the latter two was a difficult one. I picked the one that I felt most comfortable and open with and I think I made the right choice. I phoned the agency to tell them and they sounded sincerely happy that I picked them. Cool. Now I have to tell the others ít was great talking to them, but that I won’t continue with them… I feel a bit like the Bachelor during the rose-ceremony ;-D

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