donderdag, 21 oktober 2004

Talk about a revolution

I don’t agree with the plans of my government. ‘They’ want to cut down the costs to increase economic growth. Yet, too many – already vulnerable – groups in our society (the disabled, the poor and the elderly) will suffer from more cuts in their social security benefits.

“Time for action!”, I shouted (in Dutch) and decided to start a revolution in this country. Not of the messy and bloody type (like America 1775, France 1789 or Russia 1917, but a more ‘civil’ one – like the Velvet Revolution of Czechoslovakia in 1989… Since I’ve never started a revolution of this size and significance before (I am not counting the ‘MyLove and the use of the wash bin’ riot of 2001), I wanted to start this one well-prepared. No impulse action – though I read somewhere that the element of surprise can be the basis of success – but a well planned campaign. Therefore, I did what each person in need of knowledge or in search of wisdom did before me: I Googled for it!

The results were a bit disappointing. Nothing useful for how to begin a revolution or coup d’etat for dummies. Darn. So far for modern sources. Back to the basics (of Geology).

Hutton stated that ‘the past is the key to the present’. So all I have to do is to find a charismatic leadership figure, write an inspiring manifest, initiate mass demonstrations and get the police and army on my side.


Sounds like a lot of work over a prolonged period of time. Does anyone have a better – read: simpler and quicker – plan?

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