woensdag, 20 oktober 2004

Bag lady

Some girls get crazy over a pair of shoes, some just wanna shop at H&M; till they drop, whilst others will do anything for a D&G; dress. I am not that kind of girl. I am a bag lady. Another Solly confession! It all started with a medium sized red furry Bjorn Borg bag in 1998 another decade and now I have about 20 different bags. Big ones, small ones, tiny ones…. 5 to 10 of this collection are in semi-permanent use. A bag for any outfit or occasion. Every season, I buy a new one (or two) (or more). I have a couple of requirements the bags should comply to. One, a handbag is never too small but it should fit at least a wallet and a phone. Second, it should have a separate -small- compartment for my keys and i.d. And third, and very if not most important, it must be an original. I don’t wanna see half the city walking around with my bags. Personally, I prefer Pucca, because they make their bags in every size! *sighs while thinking of the new handbag collection*
Uh-oh. I think I don’t just like handbags, I think I am an addict!
If I feel sad, or down, buying a handbag can really cheer me up. I get high of the smell of new bags and I will spend my last money on one I really, really love!

My name is Solly, and I am a handbagaholic…

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