maandag, 18 oktober 2004

Too work or not to work

You gotta work hard to find a decent job these days. I look for job openings every single day, write letters like a maniac and still: unemployed. At home, bored and jobless. But I do not have to fear anymore, ’cause help is underway! Is it a bird, is it a plane, no it’s a ‘re-integration’- agency!

The idea is, that an independent (non-gov) agency will coach – in the form of networking classes and jobhunting – and/or councel – in the form of psychological, competency and personality testing – me, so I will find that perfect job. What I like most about it is, that I am free to pick my own agency! Finally the power is mine! I received a list of approved agencies from the unemployement office and this week I have 4 interviews with potential help-troups. By the end of this week I have to choose the one that suits me best. Then comes the tricky bit: the plan has to be approved by the consulent of the unemployement office… It should not exceed a certain budget. So now I am worried: what if I pick the perfect agency, they make the perfect plan and the E.O. person does not approve? Or am I just thinking too negative, and is this the worst-case scenario?

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