woensdag, 29 september 2004

Confessions of a sleepy head (part 2)

Apparently, one of the ‘advantages’ of being unemployed, is sleeping late. One of the prejudices towards unemployed peoples is, that us jobless people stay in bed till 10 or 11 AM. At least. (Often heard comment when I make an appointment at coffee time – around 10 AM : so you had to get up early today…). Please! I am a morning person. I get up at 7:30 AM. I have my most productive hours before noon. I can’t function after sunset. I am in fact the complete opposite of MyLove, though this comes in very handy in terms of arrangements concerning computer access ;-D However, I have a dilemma. MyLove is doing this internship. Not in Hong Kong, India or Turkey as planned, but North of Amsterdam. So he has to get up early – really early – every day. At 5:45 AM. And I too. He just can’t get out of bed if I’m still in it. I don’t mind, I drink coffee and eat with him. I kiss him goodbye. At 6:25 AM. And then what? Previously, I just started the day early. But then again, this is an hour earlier. There’s absolutely no reason to stay awake: nothings open, no shops, no offices – so I get back to bed. The first week, I had set the alarmclock at 7:30 AM. Not a good plan: the music roughly interrupted my REM-sleep and I was cranky all day long. This week, I have my alamclock set at.. 9 (NINE!) AM. Really, really late, according to my standards. Fortunately, I wake up half an hour earlier, so I don’t feel like a ‘slacker’ yet…

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