maandag, 27 september 2004

Operation Super Market

I don’t like doing groceries.

The only reason I do them is, because the alternative is hunger and starvation. (Sending MyLove out would have that same result: he thinks we can actually survive on coffee, beer and peanuts only). I hope the inventors of the freezer and refrigerator have received a Nobel-prize for their brilliant ideas, as they have made it possible that I only have to plan one visit per week to the place I imagine being Hell: the supermarket. I plan my weekly ‘tour of duty’ like a military campaign. The action plan is divided in three sections:

Section 1: Non Food. On the list is everything that we might run out off in the coming week .

Section 2: Food. After I’ve checked this week’s special offers – on the supermarket’s websites! – and have taken in account MyLove’s weekly suggestions – Beer! Chips! Lasagna! – I write down all the meals for the week. Then I make a list of the necessary ingredients.

Section 3: Time. Careful long term surveillance has revealed the perfect time to shop. 1200 hours. No seniors, no stay-at-home-moms and certainly no kids. Fast shopping without delay at the counter.

Yes, I know, this too sounds incredibly like a compulsive act, but it is NOT. I just don’t like doing the groceries, yet I like regularity and order. (I will go more than once a week – but only in an emergency, like unexpected dinner guests…)

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