dinsdag, 21 september 2004

Ode to Autumn

Officially, this year’s Autumn starts tomorrow – at 17.25 PM CET to be precise – but for me personally Autumn starts today. The 21st of September. Period. As always. Last year’s Autumn start was pretty extraordinary: I was tanning (!!!) in my inlaws back yard , for it was 25 degC and we had 9.6 hours of sun… 17degC and 4 hours of sun is normal for that time of the year. Anyway, today’s weather looks to be pretty Autumny – is that a word actually? A bit of rain, cloudy, lots of wind and a hint of sun. Nice! Unlike some people, I like Autumn. It’s the drama queen of all season’s. The Lady Macbeth, you might say, with that hint of manic depression. It IS the season of contradictions. On one hand you have decay, death, storm, howling winds. On the other hand you have the pretty coloured leafs, hot coco and hutspot with the family… I think I will go to the forest this afternoon, an try to catch the first falling leaf!

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