maandag, 20 september 2004

Oops… she did it again!

I do not know if this is old news already but I just found out that Britney Spears got married last Saturday!!! It was a very stylish, high profile event, too:

For her second wedding Britney, 22, wore a white strapless gown made for her by little-known designer Monique L’Huillier. Kevin, a dad of two, wore a white tuxedo. Later the couple wore bizarre matching TRACKSUITS as they celebrated in a club afterwards. The bride wore a white sweatshirt with “Mrs Federline” on it, a frilly white halter-neck top, tracksuit bottoms and white trainers. Kevin, 26, wore a baggy tracksuit with “The Pimp” on the back, white trainers — and a grey trilby hat. The wacky wedding theme continued as Britney’s pals — and her mum Lynne and sister Jamie Lynn — wore pink velour tracksuits with “The Maids” on the back. Most of Kevin’s pals were dressed in white tracksuits with “Pimps” emblazoned on them. His dad was wearing a special suit with “Pimp Daddy” on it.

Ah well, as long as they’re happy…

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